Since our founding over 30 years ago we have remained first and foremost a designer and manufacturer of metal construction work used in architectural structures. I am truly grateful that during this time we have been blessed with wonderful clients, wonderful business opportunities, and wonderful personnel, and that we have been able to reach the position we find ourselves in today.

Each and every day I struggle with how to make our company into one that can gain the trust of our clients and make them truly happy. We are being allowed to take part in the creation of various famous structures that will last for decades, while getting remuneration from our clients and the chance to work with new technology. This is very enjoyable work and brings with it a great deal of personal satisfaction.

Building things is really just playing, taking the quality, delivery date, and cost issues and the strict limitations we must work within, and thinking of them as a fun experience. When carrying out our planning and decision-making we maintain a pro-active policy of pursuing work, rather than letting it pursue us. I believe it is this attitude that prevents us from feeling overpowered by the work we take on.

Specializing in metal construction work, we are now striving to become a technology organization that is constantly improving and innovating in order to provide our clients with consistent and well-coordinated planning. By taking this approach when dealing with our clients, I believe we will be happily rewarded with their continued patronage. In order to ensure that we are bringing our clients the utmost satisfaction, we are enlisting the support of the entire company to enhance our collective strength, diversify our supply channels such as our overseas production facilities, develop new products, strengthen our design and planning skills, and maintain a highly professional work force at reasonable rates.

We intend to go on creating and maintaining “urban” environments and wish to express our sincerest hope for your continued understanding and support.